Sunday, 26 July 2009

I'm losing sleep
I'm losing friends
I've got a love hate love
With the city I'm in
I'll count the hours
Having just one wish
If I'm doing fine
There's no point to this

Im counting down the days till I move back to St Albans.

Friday, 10 July 2009

So I haven't updated this in like forever. I guess Ive been busy with Uni but that's all over now, well for the summer anyway. Only one year left, I really cant wait to finish Ive had enough of all the bullshit essays I couldn't care less about and never having any money.
I had to move back home to Suffolk from St Albans for the summer and its made me realise that if it wasent for my family being here id have no real reason to come back. I forgot how boring this place was even in St Albans with no money I could go out and have a good time but here theres almost nothing and what very little there is closed by 11:30pm.
Ive always stood by wanting to move to America once I granduted but recently Ive been more convinced to Stay in London/ St Albans once I graduate. I guess I didnt realise I would make the Friends that I have made up there.
Speaking of friends I realized for the first time in my life im properly missing people, a group of friends, certain few people, a person. Its a horrible feeling, someone once told me the worst feeling ever is missing someone and I reckon its true. Its made worse by the fact that I dont have any money so I cant go visit anyone. I would probably do just about anything for £50 so I could go up to London and St Albans for a couple of days.

Monday, 10 November 2008

No records!

So ive been waiting over a month now and my shipwreck, casey jones and horror show 7"s havent turned up so il have to contact the sellers tomorrow.

I havent bought any records since the ones listed above because Ive been to poor. In the past 2 months ive only really bought two things for myself one being a new pair of nikes (pictured above) and I got a Sidekick on contract (again pictured above)

Christmas is coming up and im asking for money because I havent been tattoo'ed since easter and it suck, so im going to use the money to start some work on my arms. I feel that im mature enough now to start having my arms tattoo. Im going to start on my left arm with a hand holding a broken pocket watch with "time broke with my hope" in the piece somewhere and on the inside of my left arm im going have a root beer bottle with roses and somewhere in the piece "true love".

Monday, 20 October 2008

Waiting, always waiting.

So im waiting for some records in the post that I hoped would have been here by now:

Shipwreck - Mirage - 7" - Black/green /500
Casey Jones/Traitor - split - 7" - blue /101
Horror Show - Our Design - 7" - White /400

I really wanna complete my shipwreck collection, like really bad. Im checking ebay everyday for new shipwreck records. I swear there hasent been any drug test records on ebay in ages which is really annoying because apart from shipwreck its the only other band I would like to complete a collection of, but ive yet to even own a single record by them!

Im going to stay with some friends in southampton in a months time and im really looking forward to it, meeting new people and seeing a new place. Im going to see a pop punk band called paige while im down there dunno what else im going to do.

Friday, 17 October 2008

I need a new box

The box I was keeping my records in is now full due to getting loads of new records in the post:

Have Heart - 2003 - Black /hand numbered 49/100
Have Heart - 2003 - Clear purple /145
Have Heart - 2003 - Solid orange /177
Have Heart - 2003 - Solid purple /234
Shipwreck - Shipwreck - Yellow /189
Shipwreck - Shipwreck - Blue /292

Energy - Invasions Of The Mind - Teal /200
Energy - Invasions Of The Mind - Orange/Red /500

It was pretty cool getting so many records in the post at once im so used to get one or two at a time.

Im searching for a Knuckle Dust hoodie. I did have one but my mum threw it away by accident its so hard to find them, Im checking ebay like everyday.

Apart from the records I just got ive only got one in the post and I havent bought any recently. I havent really been in the mood to buy stuff lol ive just been sitting round feeling sorry for myself because stupid shit like girls and money are getting me down. Im thinking about getting a T mobile sidekick on monday because theres a shop on campus. I went to speak to the guy today and found out I get a student discount so it will work out pretty cheap.